We create our own unique talent pool through non-technical skills training for entry-level and experienced hire, equipping them with employability skills that will attract employers. We partner with organizations to attract, develop and retain the best talents through our specialized HR consultants, using proactive talent management methodologies.


Talent Sourcing

Identifying and attracting top talent through proactive recruiting methodologies.

Talent Development

Unique Candidate Profiling, Coaching & Mentoring, Non-Technical Skills Training, Bespoke Assessments & Tests Etc.

Talent Engagement

Providing unique Talent Engagement Processes from recruitment to On-boarding Processes, Bespoke Job Profiling, Unique Compensation & Benefits systems, Standardized KPIs and CSFs Etc.

Talent Retention

Partnering with clients to provide strategic Talent Management Solutions such as Skills Audit, Job Evaluations, Performance Management Systems, Workforce Planning, Policy Documentation, Training & Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Systems Re-Engineering Etc


Heads Up!

The Heads Up! Initiative is a coaching program designed to equip graduates and young professionals with the right Career Starter Pack which includes skills, knowledge and abilities that will enhance their employability status. This product is for young school leavers, Entry-Level Employees as well as young professionals seeking to advance their career. Features of the product include: CV Assessment and Review, Microsoft Office Training, Business Communication Skills, Professional & Social Etiquette, Preparing for interviews etc.

The HR Clinic

The HR Clinic is a coaching and mentoring platform for all young, career-driven professionals, who are interested in advancing their careers through personal professional development, mentoring and coaching from other seasoned professionals in various fields and sectors. It offers a wide range of services such as Candidate Profiling, Career Counseling, Learning & Development, HR Skills for the HR Professional etc…

Career Counseling

Looking for ways to succeed in your current role? Seeking strategies to transition to an entirely new career field? Let’s help you. Send an email with your specific Career Enquiries and one of our specialists will get to you.​

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About Us

A HR Solutions Center , actively focused on making talents fit for organizations and organizations fit for them. We believe that for superior performance, organizations need the right set of skills as their competitive advantage and execute their unique business strategy.

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